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Be part of a musical revolution as In Crowd dares to make waves and redefine the boundaries of genre and language. Captivating audiences with a fusion of Latin soul, funk, rhythm and blues, psychedelic rock, and world music. At the core of this captivating ensemble is a pure heartbeat rhythm section, wailing horns, and prominent vocal stylings that together weave a rich tapestry of sound. In Crowd's dynamic performances are a testament to their high-energy showmanship, leaving audiences entranced and eager for more.


The genesis of In Crowd can be traced back to Jamestown, NY, the birthplace of the legendary Lucile Ball and the adopted hometown of Cuban-born Desi Arnaz. Band leader Angelo Valentino, inspired by Arnaz's iconic performances on the beloved I Love Lucy show, embarked on a quest for a Babalu Conga Drum—a distinctive instrument indigenous to Arnaz's hometown, Santiago De Cuba. Unsuccessful in finding one, Angelo took matters into his own hands, emerging as the world's only Babalu Drum maker after toiling in his basement with lumber and goatskin. This endeavor infused Latin rhythms into the band's rhythm and blues and funkedelic music, giving birth to a unique fusion they proudly call "Newgaloo."


After a hiatus during the global events of 2020, In Crowd returned with renewed vigor, gaining recognition for their organic sound characterized by soaring vocals and dynamic instrumentation.

In Crowd's latest single, "Bailara," recorded live and self-produced, is sung in Spanish. the Animated and Live action Music Video showcases the band's humor and whimsy. This dynamic track, along with the band's repertoire of English and Spanglish originals, adds a vibrant variety to their stage show.

Over the past couple of years, this "Newgaloo" sensation has solidified its presence, opening for national touring acts like Donna the Buffalo and headlining major events across western NY and Northeast PA. With a growing online presence and consistently drawing larger audiences, In Crowd asserts that you ain't IN unless you are IN with In Crowd.

about the band



Years active:




90’s to today,

70’s and 80’s, 

Golden Oldies,

Musica Latina


Jamestown, NY, Buffalo, NY

Western NY, Northwest PA


Core Members:

Angelo Valentino - Vocals + Percussion
Ylsa Maj - Vocals + Percussion + Guitar
Steve Davis - Keys + Bass + Vocals 
Jeremy Bunce - Lead Guitar 

Augie Bates - Saxophone

Jake Hettinger - Trumpet

Jim Sturdevant - Drums

Other Members:

Rya Giuffre - Vocals + Percussion

Wally Galey - Bass

Ethan Haight - Drums

Andrew Anabel - Drums

Drew Minton - Saxophone 
Kameron Staten - Saxophone

Kyle Gustafson - Trumpet

Labels/ Affiliations:

inSpire Development Center

Spire Theater

Odyssey Hall

Studio Metro

InSpire Records

Found Recording Studio


Found Records, The Spire Theater, InSpire Development Center, InSpire Engine, Chautauqua's Got Talent, Charity Nuse.

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InSpire Development Center:

Road Manager: Angelo Valentino


Press: Ylsa Maj


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